About Us

Tech Buzz was founded in the year 2013 by Amit Jadhavrao who is also presiding as the company's current president and CEO. Anusha Rao sits as a principal of the company and has been a driving force for the company since its inception. Mr. Aniket chairs the marketing and sales team at Tech Buzz and has helped the company reach a commanding position in the market driving the team with a collective effort. The company initially had humble beginnings starting off as a small training institute for engineering students which has now relatively grown into a full- fledged commercial tech and product making company. Tech Buzz now provides technologically innovative products to businesses. It also consults and imparts guidance to engineering students. The firm now employs more than 100 plus professionals from all walks of life that expertise in different domains of engineering. Tech Buzz works on the ethos of making impossible things possible. Tech Buzz has its head office in Katraj, Pune. It also has seven sales office within Maharastra. With an aim to proactively reach out to its clientele, the firm also has a sales office in Kalaburagi city of Karnataka.

Our Achievements

Not many companies have the distinction of working with the military of a domestication. Tech Buzz has worked with the Indian Army on a laser gun project beneficial for target practice.
We have also worked in collaboration with Pawaak foods helping them build different kinds of machinery for their production line. Tech Buzz was also instrumental in developing their software content.
Owing to its success the company already boasts of seven different branches within Maharastra and one other branch within the confines of Karnataka.
We have launched Agro-Based Brand "Eazyfarm". Under this brand we manufacture AGricultural Automation products like :

1.Mobile Motor Starter
2.All types of Auto switch
3.Dry Run Auto
4.Water Level Controllers
5.Single Phase Starter
6.Three Phase starter

After Hard Core Research and Development of almost 3 years in this Field we have got ready for selling our Products in different regions of Maharashtra and very soon we will be seen in different out skirts of INDIA

Meet The Team

Amit Jadhavrao

CEO and founder

Rajan Jadhavrao


Anusha Rao