Can Air Conditioner Blast ?

Can Air Conditioner Blast ?

Let’s just talk about the safety of air conditioner today. So a question which generally arises in the mind of the air conditioner buying public would be that, “Can air conditioner Blast ?” and the answer to it is very much subjective to what you are thinking.

Can Air Conditioner Blast ?

Can Air Conditioner Blast ?Maybe yes. It all depends on what blast you are talking about. So accordingly there may be two scenarios:

1) Air Conditioner blasts

Can Air Conditioner Blast ?Yes for sure, there are quite rigid safety standards followed during the manufacturing of air conditioner. Every branded air conditioner will have an ISI or BIS certification and hence always agree to the standards of them. So in normal conditions, if you are asking, a air conditioner won’t blast. But if there is a short circuit and your air conditioner is running, overflow of electricity may be a problem for the air conditioner.

Also, if it is subjected to higher pressure than permissible or if there is a faulty hardware, which is almost close to very rare, the air conditioner may experience a small explosion. But these conditions are very rare.

2)Now, here’s why the AC’s burst in majority of the cases. Because of inexpensive and inappropriate “coolant gas”


Can Air Conditioner Blast ?

When an AC has propane running in it as a coolant, AND the copper lines have developed some leaks, Atmospheric air can get in. Atmospheric air + propane acts as a fuel, and the compressor acts as an internal combustion engine. The extreme compression generates heat, that might ignite the air+propane combination. As there is no exhaust mechanism in place, the assembly bursts open by the way of an explosion. This sometimes result in serious injuries as well.

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Make sure the technician is using a gas that has been authorized by the relevant govt authorities/Industry standards. Generally they should use R22, R12 or R134 etc. Authorized technicians generally use proper refrigerants.


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