Can Microwave Blast or Explode?

Can Microwave Blast or Explode?

Let’s just talk about the safety of microwaves today. So a question which generally arises in the mind of the microwave buying public would be that, “Can Microwave Blast or Explode?” and the answer to it is very much subjective to what you are thinking.

Can Microwave Blast or Explode?


Can Microwave Blast or Explode?

Maybe yes. It all depends on what blast you are talking about. So accordingly there may be two scenarios:

1) Microwave blasts/explodes

Can Microwave Blast or Explode?

Yes for sure, there are quite rigid safety standards followed during the manufacturing of microwaves. Every branded microwave will have an ISI or BIS certification and hence always agree to the standards of them. So in normal conditions, if you are asking, a microwave won’t blast. But if there is a short circuit and your microwave is running, overflow of electricity may be a problem for the microwave.

Also, if it is subjected to higher pressure than permissible or if there is a faulty hardware, which is almost close to very rare, the microwave may experience a small explosion. But these conditions are very rare.

2) Food inside the microwave explodes or creates crackling sound

Can Microwave Blast or Explode?

This can happen if you are cooking eggs with the shell intact. Or perhaps any other thing which has a hard outer covering or tight shell. Because when the food is subjected to the heat due to the microwaves of the oven, then moisture starts to turn into steam and since the steam won’t be able to get out due to the hard shell, pressure starts to build inside which leads to an explosion and make the microwave oven messy inside. So better remove the shells of eggs before microwaving them.

If you are microwaving hot pepper (kali mirch or laal mirch) then they have the tendency to explode when heated rapidly due to the presence of a chemical called capsaicin (which is also used to relieve pain) and is a chemical irritant, volatile and vaporizes. And if it explodes, it will likely spread inside the kitchen and adjacent rooms. So better not try that.

Next condition is when you are using distilled water in a very spotless and clean cup and heat in a microwave. The water may get superheated instead of boiling and will explode after it is disturbed or moved. But this condition is rare.

So will the food in my microwave explode? Yes if you use hard shell eggs or hot pepper. But will my microwave explode? No in most cases. Because short circuit, faulty hardware is very rare. We hear phones of Samsung, MI, etc. exploding but still that doesn’t influence our decision to buy a new phone and hence the very rare causes shouldn’t prime your mind to skip buying microwaves.

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